Social Media Tips and Strategies For Writers and Small Businesses

Writers today are finding that social media networking sites are a fantastic method to gain a following for their writing projects. Using blogs, Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn for marketing purposes may find you great results.

Here are some very effective tips, strategies and reasons for using social media networking:

1. If your marketing is directed towards teens, use blogs, Facebook, and Twitter to target your market as most teens today are pretty much on these sites every day. This is the best way to reach out to them and get your name known. You can adjust this technique no matter what your personal niche is.

2. Publicize seminars & webinars that you lead.

3. Distribute articles that I’m writing or researching.

4. Hiring staff & interns.

5. Raising our Google Ranking.

6. Market webcasts via LinkedIn.

7. Provide free seminars to networking groups, non-profits and business owners on using LinkedIn to grow their businesses. What better place to then well your books and services.

8. I incorporate topical news headlines and other ideas into creating taglines that I then use in Twitter posts, which are automatically posted as status updates on my Facebook page.

9. One word of warning to those marketing on Facebook: don’t overdo it. Many people on Facebook get offended when they see too many “sales pitches” – so use those sparingly, and intersperse them with lots of other posts that help show that you’re human and not just some unstoppable marketing machine (or worse – a Spam machine).

People have seen as much as an 800% increase week-to-week for people following or visiting their Website coming from Facebook and Twitter, by following these strategies. Sales of their books, professional services, and speaking engagements have increased as well.

Authors are pursuing the online media as their main avenue for marketing, because it’s free and effective.

You will be surprised and amazed at how well some people in your network use LinkedIn and other social media networking sites to market their businesses & affinity groups.

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Article Marketing Strategy for Network Marketing Internet Business

Article marketing is no doubt a powerful internet marketing strategy. Why do we need to write and to submit our writing to article directories? Why can’t we write in our website or blog only? I highlight 3 reasons why we should write to directories to promote our network marketing internet business.

  1. Articles directories have high places in search engine. Take an example of It has Google Page Rank 6 and Alexa rank 98. Your articles are more visible in article directories than if you write in your blog or website.
  2. Article directories will give one way backlink to your website or blog. In order to crawl the rank in search engine, your blog or website needs authority links from other sites particularly quality sites such as articles directories.
  3. You show your expertise in online MLM business through articles directories and there are articles directories who grant status to the authors/writers. This will add your credibility in your blog or website if you can show the badge: Expert Author of EzineArticles in your blog or Platinum Expert Author.

Unlike writing posts in your blog, you don’t have rules perhaps. You can publish just as it is. If you write for article directories, you must read the editorial guidelines first before you start writing. Read Do and Don’t rules. Don’t snatch articles from PLR or other people’s articles because the directories will know eventually. Your first article will make the first impression so you have to be sure that the first writing is your best. Watch out forthe excessive keywords. The new writers usually make mistakes by using keywords excessively. Position your keywords well throughout the article.

What are article marketing strategies for network marketing internet business?

Don’t worry if you are newbies in network marketing internet business. Everyone has ideas and opinions to write about their online MLM business. The 8 article marketing strategies that you shall apply for network marketing internet business:

  1. Share your tips “how to” generously and people will learn from you. Better still, they will join your online MLM business because they are eager to learn from you.
  2. Write 400 to 500 words minimum. Some directories accept 250 words articles but most of them prefer an article of 500 words minimum.
  3. Use keywords that are relevant to network marketing industry. Choose more than one keywords. Hyperlink the keywords to your blog or website.
  4. Write a compelling biography about you, your journey and expertise in online MLM business.
  5. Author resources box must have your blog or website link and you shall highlight your expertise again and what you can offer to people.
  6. Submit your articles to various directories particularly the top 20.
  7. You can use software to spin your own writing but you need to edit the spun words manually and go through your article before they are submitted to various directories.
  8. Submit articles frequently. The more you submit them, the more exposure you have for your network marketing internet business.

I know that article marketing takes your efforts and time. If you don’t want to be burned out for paid advertisements to promote your Online MLM Business, you shall take the route of article marketing strategy. It is free cost and the exposure of your network marketing internet business has a big impact through articles directories.

Strategies For Writers to Avoid Writer’s Block

I personally, sometimes, find it difficult to just START writing.

Other times, ideas and what to actually write just come to me and my fingers simply cannot keep up with my thoughts.

But writing simply doesn’t come naturally to me. I do have to work hard at it and, like many others, I suffer from the ‘staring into a blank piece of paper’ syndrome: the anxiety of the writer’s block.

We can all expect to suffer from it and for me, it can be hard to over come.

This is what helps me when I find myself in that situation:

Take a nap

Being too tired or stressed is one way of setting yourself up to be faced with Writer’s Block.

So, rest your mind by taking a nap.

Allow your mind some time to recover and soon you will be right back to writing.

Do more research and get even more information

You have completed your research but you feel there is still something missing. It just doesn’t feel right.

Maybe you are not happy with how something is explained.

When you face this type of situation, there is a simple answer:

Don’t accept the blog post as it is. Go and do some more research and make it a blog post you are proud of.

Believe in yourself

We can all write. It’s just some find it easier than others.

However, no matter how good you are at writing, we will all experience the situation of “this is just not working. I’ve spent hours getting nowhere.”

Tell yourself, everyday, how good a writer you are. You don’t have to shout it out or tell anyone. Just tell yourself. Let the inner voice inside your head tell you how good you are, at writing.

You have the skills to write about subjects that others want to read.

There are going to be times when you can just write, write and write some more. Writing is so easy for you. Your confidence is high.

Remember those times when you faced the writer’s block. Remember the times when your confidence in your own writing, was sky high.

Visualize Success

Sixteen years ago, I was an IT Manager at a large corporate company and a new IT Director joined. He didn’t sit in his office. He sat in the middle of the open-planned office with the rest of us. He showed great interest in us as individuals.

He was a great boss.

We were working on a multi-million pound project, which was to replace all the company’s computer systems.

The IT Director sent everyone on a course called, “Investment In Excellence”. Not a particularly inspiring title but we were asked to attend in groups of 20 or so.

The first group attended and returned. The rest of us wanted to know how it went. They said they couldn’t tell us anything, as they were sworn to secrecy.

They also said the title didn’t ‘do the course justice’.

We saw the staff members who had attended the course were really excited. Really happy. Really positive.

The next group attended. They came back the same.

I was in the third group.

The course was simply outstanding. It was with a guy called Lou Tice.

Lou Tice’s course changed my life.


Because Lou introduced me to “affirmations”.

Affirmations are a way to ‘trick’ your mind into thinking you are very successful at something, now, TODAY! – even though you may not be. You tell your mind to imagine what it’s like as if you have achieve the end results. i.e. being the best writer in the world.

So you can affirm you are a brilliant writer and writing comes easy to you.

Listen to music and have a dance

For me, music is always inspiring and I love dancing.

Some of you know, my wife and I attend ballroom and Latin dancing lessons. We simply love to learn to dance.

So when you are stuck with a problem (not just writers block), put on your favourite music and DANCE!

Go for a walk

Maybe listening to music or dancing or taking a nap is just not your thing.

But try and change your surroundings by going for a short walk.

Even a short walk around the block can be enlightening.

It helps clear and relax your mind.

Whatever you do, DON’T QUIT

This may be the best advice I can give you. Don’t give up. Don’t quit.

Break the blog post down into small steps. Spend some time each day writing and stay focused until you finish.

Then when you finish, celebrate.

Buy yourself a treat.

These are some of the ideas and methods I personally use, when faced with that dreaded blank piece of paper and the writers block.