The Art of War For Writers – Fiction Writing Strategies, Tactics, and Exercises by James Scott Bell

“The Art Of War For Writers: fiction writing strategies, tactics, and exercises” by James Scott Bell is an enlightening, informative, motivating, and practical little gem of a book for anyone who wants to successfully start and finish a publishable novel. I’m a fan of Sun Tzu, and I’m working on selling my first novel, so I was immediately drawn to this book when I saw the title. It was much better than I even anticipated. Bell’s advice is solid and this book contains the essential elements needed to be victorious as a writer.

The wisdom comes in seventy-seven short chapters divided into three main parts: Reconnaissance, Tactics, and Strategy. Under reconnaissance, you find suggestions such as being aware of what the successful writing life is like, put heart into everything you write, and finish your novel. The tactics in part two include testing your premise to prove it worthy, utilizing the Q Factor as a strategic weapon for motivation at just the right time, and whether to outline or not to outline. The third part, Strategy, focuses more on the business of writing, such as goals, networks, when to get an agent and when not to, and promoting your book. I also really liked the chapters on rejections and criticism, something all writers experience as I’m currently learning first hand.

Bell uses quotes from Sun Tzu in places throughout the text, but he also quotes many authors, agents, and editors. There are tons of examples contained in the short chapters, and it’s a book I know I’ll be turning to again and again to assist me with my writing. I’ll look to it for both for practical strategies and suggestions, and for motivation. One of the most important things Bell stresses in various places is to continue to write. He provides quotes from various authors on how they design their typical writing days, but the bottom line is that every writer must be disciplined to hit the keyboard. The final word is encouraging and motivational and I’m sure I’ll read this chapter more than any other. The final words must be remembered and kept on the forefront of all writers, “Keep fighting. Keep writing.”

If you are inspiring to write fiction, I highly recommend “The Art of War For Writers” by James Scott Bell. It is a great addition to any author’s bookshelf, and one that you will turn to again and again as you navigate and pursue victory in the publishing industry.

5 Simple Search Engine Strategies For Writers

If you’re a writer optimizing your site for the search engines, you have more considerations than just optimizing for the search engines.

The first thing you need to do is decide if you’re selling yourself, an author driven website, or selling expertise, a topic driven website.

Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll need to do your keyword research on your topic. If you’re creating an author driven website, you’ll want to make sure that you include your name in your keywords.

Here are the strategies you need to implement:

1. Optimize your website.
You’ll need to optimize each page individually, so if you have a large list of keywords, then you can optimize each page for a different keyword phrase.

When you’ve finished optimizing your site, you’ll need to implement your search engine strategy.

2. Submit your site to the major search engines.

Although the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and MSN are more or less true search engines because they spider sites, if you’re not linked to any other sites,
these search engines won’t find you.

You can have other sites link to you, but the problem here is that it may take awhile for the search engines to find your site and spider it even if you are linked.

You can significantly speed up the process simply by submitting to the major search engines manually. If you use a sitemap, you can submit your sitemap to both Google and Yahoo and have your site spidered within a few days.

It may take a few months to get your site completely spidered, especially if it’s a large site, but again, a sitemap can help you with this process.

3. Build backlinks to your website.

Find writing directories and other places where writers, and readers, hang out and post a link back to your site. The more links you have pointing back to your website from other relevant resources, the higher your rankings will be, and your Google page rank will be higher.

You can also find general directories to submit your website. General directories can help you with building higher page rank for your site.

4. Write articles.

Although some writers disagree with using articles as a promotion technique, claiming that you should only write articles for pay, I disagree.

When you write articles, you are giving readers a taste of your writing. You are offering value.

Articles can also help you build tons of one way backlinks to your website through article directories, as well as build a following for your writing.

Which had you rather do: get paid $25 for an article and only be paid once, or earn money every month, over and over for the same article by using it to drive traffic to your website?

5. Participate in forums and communities.

I know. This is a tough one. Many writers are introverts, or they’re not interested in marketing.

If you want to sell your writing, you have to market. Although search engines can get you in front of your readers, search engines don’t buy. Readers do.

Blog Affiliate Marketing Strategy – Discover The Best Strategy For Marketing Your Affiliate Blog

There are so many strategies that you can use to market your affiliate blog. Out of all the strategies available to you, there is one that is the best of them all.

This blog affiliate marketing strategy is capable of bringing you loads of potential visitors to your affiliate blog forever. What this means is that when you effectively use the blog affiliate marketing strategy that you will discover in this article, your affiliate blog will enjoy steady flow of potential targeted visitors and your affiliate income will constantly be on the increase.

Here is the best blog affiliate marketing strategy for marketing your affiliate blog:

The use of well-written keyword rich articles.

Till this day, the best promotional tool for marketing your affiliate blog are well-written keyword rich promotional articles. One of the reasons why articles are the best promotional tool for your affiliate blog is that you will continually receive targeted visitors to your affiliate blog for the work you do once. What this means is that a single well-written keyword rich article that is related to the topic of your affiliate blog will continually bring targeted visitors to your affiliate blog after you’ve submitted it once to a high traffic article directory.

Here are two methods of generating well written keyword rich articles:

1. Yourself.

2. A well experienced SEO ghost writer.

To generate well written keyword rich articles yourself, you need to master the art of writing well written keyword rich articles. This will mean that you have to learn all that there is to effectively using articles to promote your affiliate blog. You can easily learn how to do this by visiting a good article directory like You will then read articles that you can find in the ‘Article writing’ and ‘Article marketing’ categories.

The other effective way of generating keyword rich articles is by using the services of a ghost writer who understands SEO (search engine optimization). When you work with a ghost writer who understands and applies SEO to their writing, you will always get massive results in terms of targeted traffic generated to your affiliate blog. This will also have an impact on your affiliate income because it will be on the high side.

The best blog affiliate marketing strategy is the use of well-written keyword rich promotional articles to market your affiliate blog. They will always generate targeted visitors to your affiliate blog throughout their lives. And the best part of it all is that you will earn big affiliate profits on a regular basis.

Start using well-written keyword rich promotional articles to market your affiliate blog today!