Important Strategies for Resume Writing

Resume writing is an essential step to a successful career goal. A simple document can transform your life into something meaningful with brighter career prospective. In the present day competitive world, the job of career coaches and resume writers are most lucrative. These people specialize in transforming simple documents into well-document papers that lead the path to a desired career goal.

Here are some of the important strategies for resume writing:

The first strategy is to keep in mind what the potential employer wants. Write what you would love to read as an employer. Mention all the relevant keywords to add strength to your resume. Highlight some special buzz words so that employers can easily scrutinize your resume.

Lay special focus on your achievements and accomplishments. Mention all the special achievements made in your past work history. This will add more power to your resume and will help grab immediate attention of the potential employer. Highlight special responsibilities you have handled and also list the awards and honors if you have received during your job tenure. If possible try and mention your achievements in number like ‘ranked 1st’, ‘3 awards’, etc. Numbers help add more strength to the resume.

Highlight past work experience laying special focus on the relevant experience with regards to the potential job position. Mention your contributions to the success of the past companies you have worked with and also give a detailed description of any new strategy you implemented for improved efficiency.

The format, the structure, and the flow of the resume should be well-organized. Furthermore, it should e complete free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. There should be no errors and the entire content should be in a perfect flow. A well-organized and well-documented resume helps the potential employer to review any resume in a quick glance.

Top Marketing Strategies for Writers

As a writer, you will most likely market some products or services for a client during your career. Many writers make a living doing just this. Sometimes it can seem pretty easy to help a client with this kind of work, but when it comes down to marketing yourself, you can feel pretty lost. Whether it’s simply because you have to market you or because you don’t like “tooting your own horn,” many writers can find this task to be daunting. There are some easy ways to market yourself, though, and here are a few great tips for doing just that.

Article Marketing –

Yes, it works for your clients and it can work for you as well. Article marketing is one great way to market yourself, and you can do it in several different ways. One of them is to write articles about the benefits of hiring a freelance writer, and then add a link to your website at the bottom. You can include a compelling byline. After all, you’re a writer! You know how to write in a convincing, informative way that leaves readers wanting more! Submit your articles to some of the most popular article-marketing directories, and don’t forget to add your keywords and SEO!

Newsletters –

If you have existing clients, newsletters are a great way to market yourself. Sending out newsletters that include discounts, referral bonuses, information, and interesting developments can really help you market yourself. Reminding your loyal clients that you are standing by and ready to complete projects for them is a great idea!

Newsletter Sign-Up Form –

Most freelance writers have websites, and if you don’t have a newsletter sign-up form, you may be missing out on some great marketing opportunities! Have something small on your site that you can offer your visitors if they sign up for your forum. Something like a free report or a free newsletter would work very nicely. When the visitors sign up, you can build your contact list easily. These are the people that you will send your newsletter to, and you can gain a lot of clients in this way. A small hint is that successful marketers believe that a potential customer will not click on the link to your site until the third or fourth newsletter they receive.

Pay Per Click –

If you have a website, the pay-per-click campaigns may work out very well for you. Simply bid for a certain amount per click that you get and craft a very compelling, short, and to-the-point ad to be placed on related websites. These can get you a great amount of visitors to your website and can help you market yourself nicely. This is a great way to gather customers if you create a nice ad and make sure that it leaves viewers wanting to see more about your website.

Use these tips and ideas to market yourself as a writer and maintain a commitment and a drive. If you do these things, you will see an increase in your customers very soon.

Top 4 Income Generating Strategies For Writers

Income generating doesn’t take long before it becomes the highest priority for any writer who wants to make a living from their craft. But it’s not an easy process if you haven’t been trained exactly how to do it, that is how to earn an income from your writings.

1. Give away – that’s right, give a digital copy of your book, or article away. But put a link or contact info at the bottom of your article and each page of your digital book copy where the reader can get more information. This is the first step, next follow the other 9 steps and you’ll be earning income in no time.

2. Offer Hard Copies – that’s right offer hard copies in multiple formats, digital, audio, video, hard back or even soft back. Be as flexible as possible, as each buyer has there preference. If they like your digital copy of your book they will likely want a hard copy if you offer it.

3. Feedback – that’s right feedback, give your readers the opportunity to give you comments, criticisms, arguments, and even suggestions. All of these are extremely valuable when looking to convert tire kickers into buyers. If they believe that you listen and care about what they care about then you’re in business.

4. Resources – be a resource for your readers, find and share every contact, lead, tool and technique you find with your readers. There likely to find out about them anyways, just let them know that your there to help them achieve their goals. That’s the best way to be of value to your readers.

The more you give of yourself, and support your readers and deliver to them what they want how they want it the more they will get to know, like and trust you which is the key to converting tire kickers into buyers.